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Ammonium chloride

It has a molecular weight of 53.5 grams, as well as ammonia salt and salt, among other names. Ammonium chloride is a white powder, its taste is cool, salty and sometimes spicy. The substance is soluble in water and glycerin, slightly soluble in alcohol and sublimated at 350 ° C. This substance has acidic ion content in three physical states of steam, liquid and solid. Various applications in the pharmaceutical, food, textile, leather, printing and color industries.

One of the major issues for producing ammonium chloride

Reaction between ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride: This procedure is a reaction between ammonium sulfate and sodium chloride. The efficiency of the reaction is 95%. The product of this approach is sodium sulfate. Due to insolubility of sodium sulfate in the reaction solution, sodium sulfate is precipitated and separated after filtration. By crystallization, the solution is treated with ammonium chloride and then dried.










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