Strontium carbonate



Strontium carbonate

Strontium carbonate, with the SrCO3 chemical formula, is a chemical compound with the code 15407. Whose molar mass is 147.63 g / mol. The appearance of this compound is white or gray powder.

Uses of carbonate strontium

Strontium carbonate is used to produce red flames in fireworks, to produce oxide and acetonitrile, to produce electrical appliances and to deposit lead in zinc electrolytic ponds. This material is an essential ingredient in the zinc ingot industry. The main materials of this industry are considered. Strandium carbonate is used to lead in the production of zinc electrolytic, it is composed of lead sulfate, a pair of isomorph salt, which can be assembled to reduce the amount of lead in the set. The average consumption of 0.5 to 2 kg SrCO2 per tonne per cathode was produced. Stroncium is added with molten aluminum to provide more molding properties.


Analysis and Specifications


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