Aluminum stearates 2018-10-26T12:45:21+03:30

Aluminum stearates


It is used as a condensing agent, anti-foam, anti-deposition and hydrophobic agent in various industries.

It is formulated as a gel in solvents such as benzenes, aromatic compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, as well as in mineral and natural oils (vegetable oils) when heated.

Applications of aluminum stearates:

  • Concentrator in paint industry
  • Smoothing and polishing
  • Preventing the aspiration of bitumen
  • Avoid oil separation in the putty
  • Water repellent on the leather
  • Lubricant in plastics
  • Making of melt for sealing
  • Drilling mud production
  • Grease condenser
  • Composite concentrator