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Chloride barium

Barium chloride is a mineral compound with the formula BaCl2. One of the most common solvent salts in barium water is considered. Like other barium salts, this compound is toxic and green – yellow when burned. It is also a friend’s moisture. This mineral compound is in two crystalline forms (polymorphs). A shape with a cubic fluorite structure (CaF2) and another structure of orthorhombiccotunnite (PbCl2). Both polymorphs have a large ion preference for Ba2 + for the acquisition of cordial numbers greater than 6. Bordering Ba2 + in the structure of fluorite 8 and in another structure 9. When the BaCl2 catetonate structure is placed under pressure of 7-10 GPa, it becomes a third structure, a monoclinic phase after the catetonate. The Ba2 + Cordion number rises from 9 to 10. As a solvent salt, barium is cheap, barium chloride has many applications in the laboratory environment. It is commonly used as an ion sulfate test. In the industry, barium chloride is widely used in the purification of brine in chlorine production sites, as well as in the production of thermal filtration salts, steel hardening, in the production of color of grains, and in the production of other barium salts. BaCl2 is also used in fireworks to create a bright green color. However, its toxicity limits its functional aspects.