Caustic Soda



Caustic Soda

Pericellum is a white matter in the form of flakes or pepper, which is the raw material required by the manufacturing industries both inside and outside the country.

Peroxide or Sodium Caustic Soda (NaOH) is produced from petrochemical liquidity, so that the liquid yield of 50% during the production process after the evaporation of water in the membrane method is converted to a purity of 99-98%, which, according to It is in accordance with international standards. The resulting flux is converted into a white flake or a solid percolator after transferring to a cooling device. Widespread use in the supply of various chemicals, including the oil industry, the detergent industry, the sanitary industry, the ceramic industry, the edible oil industry, the alcohol industry, the dairy industry, leather, automotive, cotton factories, and more. It also plays a key role in the separation of cellulose fibers from arginine and in the decomposition of wood and the production of dough in the paper industry. Olive sweetening, Recycling control, Degradation, Rinse, Water disinfection, Acid neutralization in batteries, As a bleaching agent in textiles, Glass washing, Spotting vegetables and fruits, Pharmaceutical drug combinations, Plastic recycling, Synthesis Synthetic silk fibers in the textile industry, metal plating, cocoa and chocolate and caramel production, washing of industrial tanks and pipes, etc.


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