Glycerin or its chemical name Glycerol

Liquid is a high absorbing liquid that absorbs moisture from the air and easily penetrates into the skin in less than 15 minutes. Glycerin, which has a thick, oily, thick, clear, water-soluble form, and one It is one of the best moisturizers ever used and used today in the cosmetics industry: soap, cream, lotion, shampoo, and also in pharmacy for the preparation of facial cream lotion by the pharmacists. Take up Due to the fact that moisturizing products are produced from this material, glycerin is an organic compound made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Glycerin has a healing feature in addition to its moisturizing and softening properties, Many skin problems are effective. It is also used in the pharmaceutical, food and paper and printing industries. When buying glycerin, be careful because the market also contains natural glycerin derived from vegetable oils and glycerin-derived substances


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