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Sodium Prophosphate Acid

Pyrophosphate Acid Caused by Factors: Acidic agents react with alkali sodium bicarbonate and produce carbon dioxide gas. The value of the caustic agent is the amount of carbon dioxide released from sodium bicarbonate. Voracting agents include tartaric acid, monocalcium phosphate sodium pyrophosphate and sodium aluminum phosphate. The living creature is not seen with the naked eye and should be seen under a microscope. The relatively acidic pyrophosphate and its PH is 1/4 Is . Each 15 g is dissolved in 100 ml of water at 25 ° C. Pyrophosphates are used in breads, cakes, pastries, canned food and seafood. The potato processing (cooked or semi-frozen) and also in chips are used. The chemical form of pyrophosphate is From: NA2H2P2O7.