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Sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate is one of the most common substances in many mineral waters, such as seawater, as well as sulfate in atmospheric spills and is one of the main solutions in the snow and rain. Many saline lakes around the world have different amounts of sodium sulfate. It is highly stable in chemical terms.


Sodium sulfate is found as a mineral in nature, or produced by some industrial processes as a byproduct. Sodium sulfate is in the non-toxic chemical category under normal conditions and has many industrial applications. It has a variety of grades and purity in various industries such as glass, pharmaceuticals, knitting, detergents and more. Extensive use.


Application of Sodium Sulphate in the Industry:

Animal feed


Pharmaceutical Industries


Glass industry


Detergent and cleaner powder industry


Knitting industry and dyeing industry


Military industry, photography, sodium sulfide


Paper industry (craft paper) etc ….







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