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Sulfuric acid

Inorganic acid is very strong. This acid is dissolved in water by any percentage. Sulfuric acid has long been known as the name Sulfuric Acid. When high concentrations of gaseous are added to sulfuric acid, aleum or sulfuric acid is generated by the formula. The reaction of sulfuric acid is very hot with water. Adding water to a concentrated sulfuric acid is dangerous. Because of the heat generated by the reaction of acid and water, hot water may be scattered around it. Therefore, it is added slowly to water. This is due to low water density relative to sulfuric acid, which water is desirable on acid. The combined uranium sulfuric acid is high in water, which can separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules from the rest of the compounds in water. For example, a mixture of carbendolucides and sulfuric acid creates carbon and water. Sulfuric acid is a major component of acid rain that produces atmospheric pollutants such as those produced by factories with rainwater. Sulfuric acid is a chemical component. It has a lot of chemical reactions and processes for the production of other compounds. Its main use is in fertilizer factories, metal extraction, chemical synthesis, wastewater treatment and oil refineries. Sulfuric acid is produced by reaction with nitric acid, nitronium ion, which is used in the process of nitriding compounds. The nitrification process in the production of explosives, such as the production of Trinitrotoluene (TNT), nitroglycerin, etc., is used. Sulfuric acid is used in lead accumulators (lead batteries) as an electrolyte solution. Sulfuric acid is a very strong dehydration agent. In most reactions it is used as a hydration agent, and in the production of dry fruits, they use sulfuric acid to absorb water.