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Zinc Stearates

White and uniform powder is dissolved in insoluble water and is low in benzene compounds. The very low humidity of this material makes it an additive for combining with heat-treated materials and in many industries as filler The fatty acid is stearate with an eighteen-carbon chain. This metal soap does not have high purity properties and is not used as detergent. Due to the presence of several molecules of stearates in the structure of this composition and the increase in its hydrocarbon content, this compound not only dissolves in water but also discharges water. Zinc stearates are not soluble in other polar solvents, such as alcohol and ether, but in contrast, they are well soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, particularly aromatic hydrocarbons, such as benzene. Some unique attributes of ostearate zinc are due to this water repellency and, in fact, a low percentage of moisture. Steel coatings are mainly used as additives in the polymer industry. The effects of this additive increase the thermal and optical stability, softening, lubrication and release of the mold, and therefore properties in different fields of the polymer industry and in relation to different polymers can be used differently, which should be applied in terms of the type of polymer and in terms of properties Expectation with technical advice to be used. Stearat is also widely used in cosmetic industry.

Applications of stearates on:

  •  Additive in various types of sealer and kiler
  •  Thermal and optical stabilizers
  •  Composite additive
  •  All types of cosmetic and sanitary products
  •  release agent
  •  phase transfer catalyst