Tri Sodium Phosphate



Tri Sodium Phosphate

Titanium phosphate with chemical formula (Na3PO4) is a chemical emulsion, a strong alkali with a pH of 12 and is easily soluble in water. It is used extensively in the food industry, so that this compound is used to improve the texture of the cheese and maintain the viscosity of the milk and prevent the separation of the blue phase in the frozen milk. A combination of sodium and phosphorus. This material is used in the manufacture of rubber, detergents and photo printing. Washing powder (also hydro-purifying industry) eliminates the hardness of the water, and is also a good option for preserving substances.

Sodium phosphate is a white powder known as sodium phosphate, pentadium triphosphate, tri-sodium phosphate and STPP, and is used to obtain water hardness, especially in washing powder and also in the preparation of foodstuffs. The use of the chemical industry, including the factories, Manufacturing of detergents, water treatment industries, food industries, ceramic industries, minerals, paper industry, petrochemical industries and power plants.


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